The mattresses are collected in a closed warehouse container. This mattress collection container can store 80 – 100 mattresses. The container is installed at a location designated by the client. This might be near a shop or warehouse, at a project (for example, hotel, holiday park, old people’s home or hospital) or in a recycling centre. The client fills the container with old mattresses and calls or e-mails RetourMatras when the container needs replacing. This is done within two working days.


RetourMatras can collect and process any type or size of mattress, as long as it is dry. The mattresses must be dry for several reasons. Firstly, because the machine cannot process the mattress if it is wet. Furthermore, the quality of the mattress will decline if it becomes wet or stays wet for prolonged periods, resulting in mould and odours. It is therefore very important that the mattresses are dry. A wet mattress means loss of secondary raw materials and re-usable material as well as loss of capital for unnecessary transport and treatment.

All kinds of mattresses are collected by RetourMatras. Although mattress composition is constantly changing due to the use of new materials and technology, this is no problem for RetourMatras. As the mattresses collected by RetourMatras are generally around 10 years old, the composition normally used in the production of mattresses around that time is known. Mattress sizes are standard and our recycling machine has been designed accordingly these standard sizes.